Thursday, May 20, 2010

BYOB (Bring Your Own Bowl)

Calories per serving: 670 | Total Fat:39.2g

I was going to have my friend over for lunch and before I got around to asking her she said that she was making soup and asked if I wanted lunch. Since she was providing lunch, I told her that I would make dessert. It wasn’t much after that this exchange happened:
@hurriedhomemakr How much butter? Gotta know the butter quantity before I can commit.

3rd recipe down - 4 (yes 4!) sticks of butter!
Chocolate Candy Bar Muffins

F-F-F-Four sticks? Now you're talking. LOVE you.

Today @hurriedhomemakr is my favorite for supplying me with a FOUR stick o butter recipe. Yes, yes, yes. #FatProjectReverse

I had gone shopping to Trader Joes later in the week and picked up their cocoa powder. At some point I noticed the recipe on the back of it. It was very similar to the above but had buttermilk in it. 3 CUPS of buttermilk. We already know how I feel about anything “butter” and I was not going to pass up this opportunity to add it. I decided to combine both recipes and top them with butter cream. (I ended up using a butter/Crisco combo in it)

She calls this morning to confirm lunch. I let her know that 11:30 was still fine and that I was making dessert. Then she said “You really need to stop baking and start gardening.” Um, what? Either she just called me fat or is telling me that my yard looks like hell. Either way she can suck on my butter cream topped cupcakes later. She then says “ok just have a glass of water and a napkin ready for me and I’ll have the bowls and spoons.” I say that I HAVE bowls and spoons and she says that she knows and that she just wants to use her own. Um, WHAT? Either she’s saying my dishes and spoons aren’t good enough or maybe she’s afraid that my dishwasher doesn’t clean as well as hers. Either way she can REALLY suck on my butter cream topped cupcakes later.

Of course I tweeted about this call because how could you not?

Nuh uh. Nobody does my girl like that. Ima fat da bitch up myself. Where my butter at?

is she also calling you unclean?

I don't get it. Does she think your dishes are not clean enough, or is she using portion bowls from Curves?


We have lunch and it was a really nice white bean soup that she has made before. It’s always delicious and I’m always told how much time goes into it from the blending of the beans to the squeezing of the lemon for juice. I was all ready to hand her 5 gold star stickers when I realized that the cupcakes will be her reward.

These cupcakes were ridiculously delicious. I can be my own worst critic and I can tell you that these were damn good. She asked about the recipe and I got out the container and showed it to her. She also asked if I MADE the frosting and I said that I had and it was a butter cream. I guess she needs to check up on me since I had already put the kitchen aid away.

After lunch I took HER bowls and spoons and pot and washed them in the sink and then HANDED THEM BACK TO HER. Um, what? Well they were hers after all and I also added a plate of cupcakes for her to take home with.
Enjoy that frosting honey.


She DID NOT bring her own bowls and spoon, no way.

Um, yes she did…….

It’s appropriate to end with Domino’s sugar following me this week. They replied back to me with:

It’s a pleasure to meet you @TheFriendlyNeighbor Tell us more about your baking projects! :)

Now I need a Land O Lakes follow.


  1. She called you fat AND said your garden was a mess? And then brought her own bowls???

    Oh man... I am googling fatty foods now. I think we need to look at dietician don'ts and DO them all.

  2. What a pretentious person! Wow. I am dying to know why she insisted on her own bowls and spoons. Weird....

  3. Who in their right mind brings their own bowls over to someones house? WHO!?!

    This chick is crazy. I'm telling you, it's time to start frosting her toothbrush.

  4. Everything in that pic except the water and paper napkins she brought. She even brought her own butter. She has no idea that I'm fully stocked on the butter front. Maybe b/c my bowls are white and her soup wouldn't look good in them? Coco Puffs right?

  5. I think she might have a serious issue. Like maybe she's not mentally stable. I have actually heard of OCD patients who have to take their own flatware and dishes to eat out but never to eat at a friend's house! WTF? And to suggest you stop baking and get back in the garden? I am wondering if that's because she is afraid to keep eating your goodies?

  6. I know her well and have been with her in many other social situations and this has not happened before. If I thought she really had something clinically wrong with her like that I would not take offense and would know it would be part of her condition. My bowls are white and I think that she didn't want to serve a white bean soup in a white bowl. Also, I guess I don't have soup spoons TECHNICALLY. Like the rounded ones in pic. Mine are more oblong large tablespoons? This is how much of a perfectionist she is.

  7. Dude, I don't know what to say. I'm only surprised she didn't decorate the table and ask you to change into something more "befitting the occasion" because really? The hell?

    I hope she ate three cupcakes when she got home.

    Wish you had asked her for the bean-o before you ate.

  8. Between the gardening comment and the BYOB, she's the perfect fat project. Looking for another recipe with even more butter in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

  9. Oh my gosh, this is too much. JUST TOO MUCH

  10. This woman is too much! But I love it!

  11. What a whack job. Did she wash her hands every five seconds? Maybe she thinks you're dirty. I don't. At all. I am just saying. Maybe she does.

  12. I think your neighbor is my mother.

    I'm so very sorry.